Wednesday, June 17, 2015

20 minutes: 3 months of monthly collages

Just about the right length of time while the oven chips cook. Yes, I do. They are a convenience food guilty pleasure, and don't make the house smell of frying.

Anyway, I have in fact been keeping up with the monthly collages, but haven't got around to posting them, so start the clock:


  1. Primroses
  2. Winter scarves and hats in winter light
  3. Tête-à-tête
  4. Tom's broken toe
  5. A pot of jasmine
  6. Love of three lemons
  7. Gnostic angel shadow
  8. Early herb pots
  9. Lovely Lara (very sadly, Lara passed away a month or so after their visit, which we don't like to think about too much)
  10. Mirabelle blossom
  11. ditto
  12. Cut wood in the mirabelle field
  13. Camellia, nuccio's pearl
  14. Still having fires
  15. A mink yarn scarf and soap for my sister's birthday - the yarn really is spun from the combings of humanely reared mink.
  16. View from a plane.


  1. My sister's quilts
  2. Waltham Abbey church
  3. Ziggy
  4. Norwich cathedral glass
  5. View from the plane home
  6. One of two balloons in a clear blue sky. I'm told they're from the château at Bogard
  7. Bumble bees in willow
  8. The château at Bogard
  9. Bee on a dandelion
  10. Containers 
  11. Water drops on a red plant
  12. Morning garden view from the bedroom
  13. Mexican orange blossom, so abundant
  14. Forget-me-not
  15. Prunus amanagawa
  16. Spring light on early sycamore


  1. The Best of Times
  2. Gallerie Vero-Dodat, still meaning to do an arcades post
  3. Vélo la Violette
  4. Me on the Pont Neuf
  5. Tree peony and broom flowers
  6. Speedwell and oak
  7. Buttercups
  8. View over the garden hedge
  9. Barley in the green and sorrel 
  10. Stonechats, parent and young, a fact I didn't establish till after I'd taken the rather bad photos
  11. Ploumanac'h lighthouse
  12. Tom in a pink granite armchair

It all goes by so fast.


Catalyst said...

Your last comment is right on the money! And I don't know if Einstein ever figured this out but time seems to speed up as one gets older.

Stella said...

I have been distracted and have not paid you a visit in some time. The reward is to indulge in more than a single post -- what a nice reward for being tardy. I think the French must be totally, deliberately concerned with beauty at all times.

Roderick Robinson said...

A sign of being at one with nature: Tom makes granite look quite comfy.

Lucy said...

Thanks people.

Catalyst - yep, scary isn't it?

Stella - always nice to see you, hope it's not too much to catch up with. I've been trying to keep the wordage down, and now seem to be in a drifting away from the blog state of things again, for the moment. I think I probably just photograph and remark on the pretty stuff, there's plenty of ugliness on all levels in France as anywhere I think, as well as (in my perceptions anyway) a certain aesthetic sterility, coldness and constraint it's hard to put one's finger on. Understanding and getting past it is, I suppose, one of my interests.

Robbie - it was surprisingly comfortable, in fact, and when the sun had been on it, warm too. Not so easy to get in and out of though!

Rouchswalwe said...

ah, Lucy. Yes, the time feels like it's quick on its feet. But then there's a long day filled with pleasures ... you've captured so much with your camera. I've been trying to take more photographs now that I'm out and about again.

Pam said...

Such beautiful photos as usual.

Lucy said...

Thanks R and Pam.

Back to blogging some time soon...