Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Not part of the knitting review, more a knitting forecast.

One of the pleasures of knitting, perhaps the chief pleasure*, is planning what one is going to make, to the point where there is a tendency to put aside work in progress to get on to the next thing. The addiction of wool gathering reflects this, hence the vow, made with other on-line knitters but only partially kept to, to get some things finished before starting any thing new, and if I do have to start something new, to use yarn I already have.

On the needles just now I have some fingerless gloves for Jantien, a deep, carmine pink wool mix I bought in a closing down sale at the wool shop in Dinan a while back (shame about that, the closing down bit). Jantien is tall and strong as someone who sculpts big bits of stone would be and rather beautifully androgynous, but has a charming fondness for lacy things in deep pink.

(they really are this bright; I did tweak the colours in the photo but only to make them closer to the reality. I don't think she reads here regularly so I hope I'm not spoiling the surprise.)

I probably knit more fingerless gloves as gifts than just about anything else; I figure most people can probably use them but probably don't already own many pairs, they knit up quickly and don't use too much wool so I can use something nice, and if they don't like them they haven't cost me too much in time and money so they don't need to feel bad. So I'm getting through these pretty quickly, but now I'm getting antsy and feeling the call of the wool shop because the bits of scrap yarn I've used for markers, in bright orange, ochre yellow and dark red are making me hungry to make something using all those colours together. 

However, you know it's bad when you start seeing possible knitting projects in completely unrelated objects. For example, these deliciously coordinating lighthouses off Roscoff harbour,

I felt needed to be interpreted as a pair of socks, using a format I like for socks - odd but matching -whereby the top of one is the same as the toe of the other, as it were. Rather like the 'port and starboard' pair my nephew-in-law is sporting here:

(he's the one with the hairy legs, the other ones are my niece's)

I have succeeded in tracking down some wool of nearly the right shades, 

though if I saw some closer I'd probably buy that instead and this would end up in stash for another day. It's a rather thick pure merino which isn't the best for socks...

Knitting, travelling hopefully.

* and all kinds of making I suppose, when one is thoroughly caught up with it.


Zhoen said...

Fuzzy with a chance of wool-balls?

Sorry, knitting forecast, casting off.

I love the idea of non-matching, co-ordinated socks, especially if reminiscent of lighthouses.

Lucy said...

Thanks Z!

Catalyst said...

I LOVE those socks! Both pairs.

Lyse said...

Oh les jolis petits petons! Ils vont avoir bien chaud!

A bientôt