Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Still holidaying...

... over at the Artlog, looking in here just to feed the cat and water the plants and stuff.

from Liz King-Sangster (that's U for Unicorn, of course)


and Natalie.

from my co-curator Shellie

and her friend Betty Pennell.

Why be here when you could be there?


- And alternating between Weirdpress and Blugger software is rather taxing my poor wee brain, and anyway, in that shadowy half-world known as real life, I am rather busy making fusion mince pies (with gâteau breton dough, the link is to a picture of last year's), pumpkin butter and such like, and distributing them to hopefully grateful recipients.  I'll be around when I can.


Julia said...

Fusion mince pies sound delicious, and I'm enjoying your alphabet soup quite a lot too!

Roderick Robinson said...

Which play the Grosse Fuge as you bite into them?

christopher said...

Weirdpress and Blugger?

There's attitude in it.

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

It is indeed a heart and bone-warming soup, Lucy, and so appropriate for lightening this dark and gloomy time of year. Many thanks to you and Shellie and Clive for inspiring, inviting and presenting this banquet.

Lucy said...

Thanks all. Sorry to be so scarce otherwise.

Julia - glad you're enjoying it. The mince pies are quite cake-ish; as a fairly rubbish pastry cook,I find that gateau breton dough is pretty much idiot-proof! Needs quite a lot of egg yolk though and has to be made with real butter, margarine just isn't the same...

Robbie - they don't have time to play music to us, we just munch them on down.

Christopher - I don't quite know why I do this, it seems to be an article of received blogging wisdom that brand names of any kind have to be distorted, and it's true sometimes that they can attract spammy visitors. Also I just like making up alternatives!

Natalie - aw, thank you. I feel such a jammy sod getting to do it really, with the kind of stuff that came in for it, and I get lots of nice encouragement and praise for it too. What's not to like?:~)