Monday, December 17, 2012

In the Soup

Just a quick one to say that the on-line open exhibition Alphabet Soup which Shellie Byatt and I are curating over at Clive Hicks-Jenkins' Artlog has kicked off with works by Stephanie Redfern and Philippa Robbins. To see the post click here.

I'll be posting something for the exhibition there every day until Christmas Eve, and I strongly recommend you visit.  There has been some truly wonderful, varied and substantial work submitted for the exhibition from all kinds of artists; it really is a pleasure and a privilege to be working with it - and being allowed to post freely at the Artlog feels as if I've been given free run of someone else's very sumptuous home! I'm not inclined to make much commentary on the work myself, beyond what the artists themselves have said about it; it speaks for itself of course, and Clive's very fine, intelligent and generous commentariat will also have interesting and illuminating things to say. I'll try to put a link and a sample of the work here for each post too.

Thanks for your fun and interesting comments on the last post, I'll try to get back to them and indeed post again here on my own account when I can!

H is for Hand: Philippa Robbins

Moon: Stephanie Redfern

1 comment:

Jean said...

Fabulous so far. Such a restricted and specific brief to artists seems to produce outlandish play with a sophisticatedly restrained edge - a pleasure somewhat similar to bitter greens.