Thursday, November 29, 2012

29 things for the 29th

 Dried liquidambar

 Red green and blue baking dishes
 Our 10% off day at the DIY store
Oily brown wood-pulp firelighters in an old tea caddy with Notre Dame on it
The odd word 'caddy'


Deciding not to order bathroom tiles even though it's our 10% off day
Glad to have finished A Place of Greater Safety
I like the flat lid shells of scallops better than the dish-shaped bottom shells
Mind my car
Molly munching pea pods
Sun through the red plastic funnel like a red balloon
Big bags for garden clearing


Rubi the labrador is thirteen, and rather overweight.  He lay down too much and got bedsores, but now he's much better
Vermeer's Lady at a Virginal; she looks a bit drippy
Black leggings under purple yoga pants.  Bug-rug-snug
Where did the hills stop and the clouds begin?
Garlic mushrooms good, baked beans better *

Little boat: best (non-edible) thing ever in an ice cream

Yellow glints of sallow leaves
Two packs of chestnut wood floorboards


Thinking about birthday lunch
Thinking about Christmas dinner
Soft foxtail larch tops against the hill
Just one more thing...

Bwha- ha-ha-ha!

* with baked potatoes


Julia said...

Does Brittany specialize in remarkable finds in ice cream? I still cherish a tiny dragon which we recovered from a Val Andre ice cream soda a few years back!

Julia said...

Also, only one more day of Nablopomo!

Rouchswalwe said...


Roderick Robinson said...

Oh heck, anything can be talked down other than a Vermeer. We have the little street (repro. alas; bought at the Tate, cost a fortune)hanging in the hall in a position which, were we catholics, we'd reach out for the little stone trough and go ahead with the finger juggling. I mean, it's that serious.

So if I took the above out and replaced it with: Will leftover stew be enough for two tonight; to be safe bulk out with borlottis - Would you mind awfully?

Anonymous said...

Oh I love the little boat!

Thank you for your comment over at my blog, the little block is cut from lino :) I used to use lino but then started to use something called soft cut or suchlike, which is a bit easier to cut as the name suggests and also prints better with ink pads as it's a bit more flexible. That's given me an idea actually, I'll have to do a little post about my print blocks one of the days :)

I love the little boat, it was bought in Wales and lived on the windowsill in our caravan when we had it, so it always brings back nice memories. I'd be thrilled to get one like yours in an ice cream!

Anonymous said...

Ooh, a thought, do you mind if I save the photograph please and perhaps put your boat in a painting one day too?

I meant to say in my other post, I'm curious about the prototype, is that the lovely little sun? :)

Ellena said...

One thing for the 30th. Love your posts.

Nimble said...

The girl at the instrument is clearly much less important than the masses of sumptuous fabric she's wearing, poor thing.

I love a grab bag list of impressions like this.