Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday 25th August

There must be some special law of entropy governing the plastic food containers that I seem to be constitutionally unable to throw away, despite the fact that more of them accumulate than I can possibly ever re-use. They gather in unruly, chaotic heaps, bottoms without lids, lids without bottoms, in the kitchen cupboard amongst the cast iron casseroles, ceramic baking dishes, mixing bowls, funnels and colanders.  Their propensity to disorder must be partly a result how light they are, and the number of different shapes they come in.  However, today I tidy them up into matching stacks, with their matching lids, and at least manage to reduce the volume of cupboard space they take up.  It can't last, I know, it's just not in their nature to behave, but it is, for the moment, a pleasure to behold.


I rather like this calm, patient, autumnal rain.  Just now it suits me.



 [shield] bug on a [potentilla] flower [I think]


Crafty Green Poet said...

that's a lovely shiny shield bug!

Catalyst said...

That looks like a scarab bug.

I know what you mean by the plethora of plastic containers. And recently SWMBO has taken to saving glass jelly jars. We must have half a dozen of them.

By the way, I love that photo in the header of your blog.

The Crow said...

Bug shimmers as if covered in gold and silver leaf. Lovely to behold.

Zhoen said...

Get rid of old plastic, recycle if possible- it degrades, and you eat it. That's just not good.

Jean said...

Ah, yes containers. Love the bug and flower, whatever it is.

Lucy said...

Thanks all.

Z - mm, food for thought. I hate being caught up in the whole waste/poison, carbon footprint, devil's bargain roundabout that is the plastic age, hence I try not to waste it. Living as we do, we are, I'm afraid, quite dependent on the freezer, which I also see as a means of avoiding waste (using leftovers, making stock, preserving gluts etc), and for that plastic is quite difficult to dispense with. The alternative to reusing is to buy more and more new, which I can't imagine is free of dioxins etc anyway. I try to avoid buying things with too much packaging but that's not always possible. It annoys me that the same quantity of the same butter in foil/paper is more expensive than it is in a plastic box.

We have recently had a chastising circular letter from our commune telling us that putting the wrong kind of plastic in the recycling bins undoes all the good that recycling does and brings down the wrath of the recyclers in the form of huge penalties on the communes, so recycling is obviously fraught with problems.

I never heat plastic containers, for reasons of toxicity, and I figure that most of the modern containers should be able to take a turn in the freezer without poisoning us with dioxins or turning all the male frogs female.

However, I may take your words to heart and throw them out after one re-use, which would also solve the crowded cupboard problem!

Jan said...

Lovely...calm and patient rain....a really new image for me and I like it very much. I tend to think it sums up the special qualities of your writing...

Dick said...

Oh, beautiful!