Monday, August 22, 2011

Monday 22nd August

The rest of the cauliflower, a big one, after Tom's pickling activities, made into curry, using this recipe.  It really is as good as it's cooked up to be.  Instead of boiling the eggs. though, I followed one commenter's advice and simply poached the eggs in the sauce at the last minute.  It reminds me a bit of the way R used to do it, only she sort of scrambled them into it.

The cough/cold virus I have more or less shaken off now, but one of its symptoms (I assume) was blocked ears, tinnitus and earache, which the introduction of a warmed-up mix of olive and tea tree oil followed by self-syringing with a poire effilée , normally quite a satisfying experience (yes, I know, I must be weird), only made worse.  It has more or less subsided now, except for a strange echo effect in the upper frequencies of my hearing, so that Molly barking, announcements over the supermarket tannoy and excited female newsreaders and reporters bringing us the latest on the situation in Libya produce an effect that is distorted, broken and generally irritating inside my ear canal.  

Not much good to be said of this really, though it is clearly not life threatening and will no doubt pass in due course.  However, when the opening to the 2nd movement of Dvorak's New World symphony was played on a music starter question on University Challenge this evening, those plangent, cliché cor anglais notes echoed complete and whole and perfect, so it was in fact not unpleasant, beguiling almost ...

Photo: collage

Chestnut woods late in May.  Not so fresh and light now, but still cool and pleasant, a green thought in a green shade.


Rouchswalwe said...

"Tom's pickling activities" made me smile from ear to ear and want to hop on an aeroplane with bottles of homebrew to share with you both, dear Lucy!!

Jean said...

Love the collage. Hope your ear gets better soon - I've had that. It's horrid.

Anne said...

Earaches are the worst. I hope yours is cured pronto.

The collage is lovely and it reminds me of Jean's photo of plant growth. Everything seems to have a lot of leaves this year.

zephyr said...

Love those leaves...and like everyone else, i sure hope your ears feel better soon...i've had that happen and found it very unpleasant. But trust you to find a bit of silver lining.

Plutarch said...

A long time ago BB and I and our respectives families were on holiday in Brittany. My ears had become blocked with too much swimming and Mrs BB, who was trained to handle such things, offered help if we could find a syringe. BB and I assumed that the word was the same in French which produced a shocked reaction in the pharmacist. A few minutes later respectabilty was restored. We were not drug addicts after all and emerged from the shop with a poire, not unlike an old fashioned rubber hooter, but not I think efilee.