Friday, June 24, 2011


... is a serious business.  For dogs and their carers.

'Can you please pass me:

my three sudoko books
my pen and pencil
my reading and distance glasses
the TV remote
a fruit sweet.

I've got the dog on me.  She's so comfortable, and she's poorly.'

'Yup.  Here's the Tippex too.'

'Watch it, cheeky bugger.'

[ Tippex - whiting-out fluid. Some people will not admit to making errors where Sudoku are concerned.]

This was several days ago, dog is actually very much better, very bumptious and moving normally, but still restricted by big yellow bucket on head around the house, which she enjoys bruising our legs with.  Emy is quite sure she can take the stitches out next week without the use of anaesthetic, to which proposal I expressed some doubt, this is Molly we're talking about, but if she can so much the better.


Dale said...

"I've got COL," we say, meaning "Cat On Lap."

What's the word for acronyms that contain themselves? It occurs to me that MOL stands for "Mol On Lap."

("Recursive acronym," that's it.)

HLiza said...

Hahaha..I bet Tom cannot check this post with Mol on lap huh? I think Mol is so very much blessed with the huge love in the household for him..

Zhoen said...

DOL. Moby doesn't do laps, but sometimes he needs to be picked up and hugged, and nothing to be done when one is on cat hugging duty. No sitting, just head scritching.

I like computer sudoku, no need for white out, just delete.

Anne said...

We have 2 dogs, 2 laps, but mine is much more often available and much preferred. Jerry just tolerates poodles. So I have Daisy on lap at the computer (like now), and Fluffy on lap at the table. This is their compromise.

herhimnbryn said...

Oh, this image seems so familiar!
I use an eraser topped pencil for crosswords(then mistakes are not obvious!).

Bryn to Moll,
Well done Moll. You have them both trained to perfection.
love Bryn

Barrett Bonden said...

A case of hubris here. If you're going to do sudoku in pen (or crosswords in the case of Mrs BB) you've got to get it right first time. Otherwise the implied sense of superiority is misplaced. However, I see the call is for pencils too. Sounds like a belt and braces exercise; sketch in the answers first, then overlay with impressive calligraphy.

I was going to extend my sympathy to Mol but it sounds as if this is unnecessary. Every dog I've ever seen wearing one of those Cones of Silence (Remember Get Smart?) has looked horribly ashamed as I suppose I would in similar circumstances. Pleased to hear she's ridden over this social affliction.

earlybird said...

They do look comfy!

Jean said...

Great photo! Sounds like Mol is doing well. I'm sure the loving care and attention helps.

rr said...

Hurrah! Tom appears to be looking "cheeky bugger" at you over the top of his glasses. Lucky happy Moll. Give her a big kiss from us.

Rouchswalwe said...

Just finished brushing my little guy. He lets me know when it's convenient for him. It'll be nice for the three of you to take a short trip together somewhere when Mol is feeling 100% again ... and it sounds like it's Tom's turn to spoil you!

Rosie said...

I dont expect she'll be wanting to see Porridge quite yet then...
I hope Mol enjoyed seeing Andy Murray win!

zephyr said...

She's one smart (n sweet) cookie...and he's got a good thing goin' as well!

Lucy said...

Thanks all.

The small notebook computer is sometimes known as the dogtop computer.

I think the different possibilities are marked small in the corners of the squares, and the final conclusion marked in pen. Often this works but then sometimes he has a run of disasters and Tippex is called for. Too much Tippex and the whole puzzle is given up on in despond. The only crossword we do (Radio Times cryptic) we do together and only use pen, it's either right or wrong, and the paper's too shiny for pencil anyway. He did have a brief on-line Sudoku craze, mostly researching in-depth techniques and specialisms.

I don't really get Sudoku, but then I seem to have been born almost without any sporting, gaming or puzzling genes whatever, except those relating to language, and then not much.

Isabelle said...

I shall adopt COL to describe Mr Life's normal state.

No, by the way, Daughter 1 didn't knit the sock monkeys. She bought the socks, cut them up and sewed them together differently to make the monkeys.

She was supposed to be writing a dissertation at the time. Anyone who's ever written a dissertation will understand that making sock monkeys must have seemed the obvious thing to do.

Sabine said...

I hope the dog is better! For sudoku and crosswords you need to get the fabulous Faber Perfect Pencil 119037 (a sturdy pencil with eraser and sharpener inside in a clip-on top). I think it's available via amazon. I usually don't do sale spins but I have been through the various tippex stages myself. It stinks.

marly youmans said...

It's a bit of a drunk-with-lampshade look... maybe it's time to start cartooning.