Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What he sees in the flames

I've been a little tardy in saying, Plutarch has been looking into the fire, and seeing 

elephantine shapes
In drifts of darkness

Go over to Compasses now, if you haven't already, and gaze awhile with him.

( I find it quite hard to refrain from looking into the fire myself,  and thence to photographing it, but, as I have observed elsewhere, it always comes out a strange mauvish colour, which is nothing like its reality.  This time I used the 'candlelight' special setting on the camera, and then the 'warmify'  effect on Picasa, which went some way to rendering it more lifelike...)


marja-leena said...

As always, I love the give and take on Compasses!

Great photo, Lucy! You once mentioned that mauvish colour in fire photos on my blog. I really need to check if there is a candlelight setting on our camera, which is older than yours. I suppose I should have tried to Photoshop it out.

Lucy said...

Thanks ML. The candlelight setting deepened the orange somewhat, lessened thatwhite glare and generally warmed it a bit, but it's still purplish! It just seems to be the way the firelight is registered. It's not unattractive though. The camera has a ridiculous and unnecessary array of settings, including not one but two baby ones so that you can label and date each of your two infants separately - and one for pets!

Kelly said...

Nice, I find myself staring at flames for hours when I am in front of a fire place. I think you did a great attempt and it gives me a challenge with my camera.