Sunday, October 10, 2010

The garden, Kerbiriou.

Down among the flowers, and nothing was nicer, those warm September days, than to sit on the wrought iron chairs under the big green parasol.  Idly pointing the camera anywhere you liked, always yielded something.  This was what we had to ourselves, with goats and goat cheese and home-made crepes and jam and cider in abundance, and a swish bathroom of our own and sea views with breakfast, all for 50 euros a night, for the three of us, a stone's throw from the Roscoff ferry.  We even took bread away from the breakfast table to eat for lunch. I shouldn't be broadcasting this, but keeping it to ourselves.


I've a new class at a different level to teach tomorrow morning.  Times like these, it seems as if, for the actual hours I spend, and get paid for, teaching, I spend a great deal of time and energy preparing, driving, photocopying, going over books and materials, and indeed worrying about it.  However, it has to be done, and it's not without satisfaction.  I haven't  had a new class or had to devise a new course for a while, and perhaps it will be a tonic.  My other classes were getting a little dull and frustrating too, for the students and for me, so I've put quite a bit of effort into finding new things to do with them too.  And it will get easier; the more of a push I give to get the ball rolling now, the better it'll go, I hope.

And, in the same manner that hunger is the best sauce, I find there's an edge to the appetite for the things I haven't had time for, but will again soon.


Kelly said...

Your photos are always so nice it makes me want to go to these places to see these object first hand. I kind of miss teaching because there is no greater reward than to see that look one gets when they finally understand a concept. I spent a full day yesterday on a nature drive and was able to finally capture the image I was seeking.

Sheila said...

What joy and fun and color and life in this gathering of glorious glimpses! Thnak you!

So glad you had what sounds like a truly wonderful time.

Teaching a new class sounds like great fun to me. I miss teaching more often. Once upon a time, I did a good bit of that. Have fun with the new class.

Rouchswalwe said...

Here's to the edge, sweet Lucy! Prost!

Roderick Robinson said...

I take it different means higher. If so, how high?
And how is height measured - possibly in units of literary opacity (eg, A. Christie 1.5 blurs, T. Pynchon 7 blurs. HM Insp of Taxes 11 blurs.) More particularly, as a teacher, can you be "got round"? By which I mean does that swot in the far corner who speaks subjonctif imparfait as readily as he breathes always get top marks, or do you have a soft spot for the elderly one whose grammar creaks but who occasionally makes you laugh (intentionally)?

Unknown said...

Idly pointing the camera is nearly always fruitful especially when you least expect it. The photographs in your previous posts have an extraordinary presence and originality. I must look at them again. I have the feeling that your made a leap into something quite new and escaped from convention almost without thinking.

HKatz said...

The collage is exquisite. All those flowers from different angles, and the door with the stone steps - an enchanting storybook quality to it.