Monday, March 01, 2010

Storms, slippers, a dog and her coat, and a question responded to at last.

Thanks for those who have expressed concern about us in this storm-swept country.  We have been lucky enough to have been on the edge of things.  I had a disturbed night's rest on Friday, with a rain-lashed skylight and thunder, and there are certainly lakes and pools a-plenty where they aren't normally to be found.  It seems the port area of St Brieuc was evacuated for fear of flooding, and not very far away in Guingamp there were serious problems.

However, the worst thing to befall us so far has been the loss of the internet for much of the weekend, which really wasn't too bad.  So I found other diversions.  I strained the sloe gin while listening to The Archers Omnibus on the radio, and got cross with myself for getting maudlin during Phil Archer's funeral.  I blame the mother's milk with which I took The Archers in.

I also finished the slipper socks.

I always liked that sweater, with its other-side-of-sunset colours.


It was only quite a cheap one, and not very well-made, so when it went into holes I put it through the washing machine on a hot cycle so it went felty, and kept it about seven years, the prescribed time after which my mother always said one would find a use for anything, before making it into slippers, indulging at the same time my weakness for pompoms.


Molly is now equipped for wet weather.  Anyone who tells you a cocker spaniel's coat is water resistant has never kept one.  Molly's is more like black cotton wool, and once wet, you have a fidgetty, chilly and uncomfortable dog for hours who will do everything she can to rub off the offending moisture onto you. I resisted for a long time as I thought dog-coats were for wimps and Yorkies, but now I have given in. 

I reckoned this fleece lined waterproof in French navy was suitably sober and rugged enough.  The blur at the far end is a rapidly wagging tail.  Paws and head still get wet, but back and sides stay drier.

She can't see a camera without barking.


Finally I've come up with some possible responses to 'What's in the Box?', over at 'Questions'.   I sometimes think the stuff that comes out in these poems from me is a mite gloomy, bleak and fey, compared to the cheerful and ironic demeanor I generally try to maintain here, along with the pompoms.  It has to come out somewhere, perhaps; thanks to those who stay with it. 


Pam said...

I think Molly looks adorable in her coat!

And I was going to say something else but M's adorableness has distracted me...

Oh yes. I didn't know you sewed things. Hmm, is there no end to your talents?

herhimnbryn said...

Glad you are ok. Love the slippers, they will keep you toasty.
It would seem we were both reared on The Archers. I too listen to the omnibus edition, usually when doing housework. The 'funeral' was touching wasn't it?

Message to Molly from Bryn,

Nice jacket girl. You rock!

Zhoen said...

A Very Nice Coat for Mol. Evolution just can't keep up, sometimes.

I wish I liked slippers, they seem so cozy, but my feet always get too hot.

Dale said...


marja-leena said...

Glad to hear you are all okay after the storm. Love the slippers, such a nice colour and pattern to the cloth. And Molly looks quite proud in her new raincoat!

And the poem is marvelous! Not bleak to me, though when I reread it with your literary references, I can see why you say that. I'm not familiar with them, you see. The question at the end is a good one, I look forward to Joe's response.

Crafty Green Poet said...

glad you're okay after the storm. The slippers are wonderful and Molly looks very smart and warm in her new coat

Roderick Robinson said...

Mol is saying: This garment is self-evidently utilitarian; I demand something chic.

Dave King said...

Good to know you've come to no harm - and making up for lost time with an excellent post.

vicki johnson said...

So glad to hear you're safe and sound.
Love the slippers--and the pom-poms.
Mol looks spiffy and very cheery in her foul weather gear!

Jen said...

"The other side of sunset" would make a fabulous story title. May I steal it, lovely lady?

Julia said...

Super to hear you're ok, I worried about the silence! The last of the winds reached us Sunday night, smashing windows and throwing tiles around, but luckily it was the middle of the night so no one was harmed.

Lucy said...


Isabelle - I am not a great sewer, though I've always done it, my sisters are extremely gifted and have earned their living by it one way and another, I am clumsy and cut corners, and things come out funny shapes! But sometimes I get an urge to make something.

HHB - digital radio is a wonderful thing - to think of you over there listening to The Archers! Actually it wasn't so much the funeral that jerked my tears as Jill afterwards saying that people kept coming through the door all week but not the one person she wanted to. Did you listen to Desert Island Discs too?

Z - evolution has, in the case of Molly and dogs like her, been sadly tampered with! When I lived in the land of fitted carpets and central heating, slippers seemed un unnecessary bother, and too hot. Here, however, they are an essential item.

Dale - ;~)

ML - nice to see you, thanks for reading the poem.

CGP - the slippers are rather in the manner of crafty greenness, i hope!

BB - oh, but blue is very much her colour. It does slide down on one side rather, but she seems not to mind it, and generally likes anything that his for her and involves a bit of fuss.

Dave - always nice to see you, thanks.

Zephyr - thanks for your concern. I do like the word 'spiffy'.

Spiral - you certainly may, I should be proud. The sun sets behind our house so the view out on the valley is rather the other side of sunset, lovely shades but darker than the sunset itself, or else the sky just after sunset, still colourful but less vivid.

Julia - yikes, broken windows sound dramatic, glad you're OK.

Rouchswalwe said...

Ach, the wagging tail blur is proof that Mol approves of the blue! How beautiful she is!
Glad to hear the storm didn't cause you any headaches.

rambolina said...

Hi there! Im Robin and I live in Metropolis, Illinois originally from Louisville,KY where the famous Kentucky Derby interests many people from abroad.
Your puppy is quite cute in his,her coat.
I have two dogs one of which is a short legged dachshund who will not go outside during rainy whether. But with her short legs her raincoat sometimes drags her down, I need to learn how to make her a coat for short people.

Nimble said...

What a happy dog, in her impermeable, barking at the camera.

Your pompoms are extremely symmetrical and matching. I like your finished product. I would feel very self sufficient if I was wearing my own handmade slippers.

Fire Bird said...

Slippersocks - fab and cosy-looking. Molly's coat - smart and practical. She doesn't seem to mind it...

Fire Bird said...

Slippersocks - fab and cosy-looking. Molly's coat - smart and practical. She doesn't seem to mind it...

I shed a tear at that point too - The good ol' Archers has is moments as well as its (many) longeurs!

Bee said...

I love Molly's coat! It's tailored and functional, and she wears it with a certain gratefulness, I think.

Your slippers are cute, too -- much more fanciful, though. I wouldn't have guessed that you had a penchant for pom poms.

It's funny about The Archers. My husband is DEVOTED to it, although that devotion does not really align with any other aspect of his character.

Nwbadger said...

Those are possibly the cutest slippers I have ever seen...well done!

Rachel said...

I want to kidnap your dog... and I mean that in the most non-creepy way possible.

Kim said...

Hi Lucy ! I like Molly's new jacket. Tré Chic. And the slippers look comfy.

I find your poem to be beautiful and comforting rather than bleak.