Thursday, November 19, 2009

Three from the archives in black and white.

The last one is on our calendar for this month from this time last year.  I always keep the calandar in the loo, because a) it persistently reminds me when the birthdays are, and b) you have to look at whatever picture is there frequently and in a somewhat passive and contemplative state, so you start seeing it in more detail amd know whether it's any good or not.  Most years I go for classic paintings, since they offer most fruitful looking.  This is the first year I've had my photos on a calendar, I don't know if I'll do it again.  But this photo has stood up quite well to lavatorial scrutiny.  I always find converting to black and white a difficult choice, there are inevitable losses.  It would be nice to see the reds and yellows of the apples, and the translucent gold of the beach leaves, but the shapes do stand out better in monochrome, and perhaps like radio, it demands an exercise of the imagination.


Isabelle said...

I do see what you mean about the shapes standing out in black and white but I love colour too much to understand completely why anyone takes black and white photos when they could take colour. Still, they're very striking.

I have the same problem - only more so - with the sort of modern art that's a canvas completely covered in red. Like the one I saw in a national gallery the other day.

Rouchswalwe said...

There's nothing quite like listening to a baseball game on the radio ~ you're there. Black and white photos affect me in the same way ~ I am "in" the picture. My memories are abuzz and my senses are heightened. That 2nd shot of the birds is one of your masterpieces, sweet Lucy. Knocked my socks off.

Lucy said...

Thanks. I like the idea of b&w, but when it comes to it often can't bring myself to lose the colour. The bird on, however was almost monochrome anyway, so the final desaturation just cleaned it up. It reminds me of an old Don McClean song about 'The birds like leaves on winterwood...'

rb said...

I like black and white photos much more than colour ones. I don't know why. Well, I generally wear only black and white so maybe that is why? I also never remember colour.

You keep your calendar in the loo? Tee hee. It's a very sensible idea but for some reason it has me giggling!

The Crow said...

I agree with Rouchswalwe about B&W pulling me in to a photo. I love color, too, but for that reason sometimes I miss the important elements of the photo.

Your photographs can't help but make excellent calendars, Lucy.


Sheila said...

You crack me up, Lucy.

I heard the funniest thing this weekend that this reminds me of, but I'll send it via email.