Monday, August 03, 2009

Summer visitors continued

Our visitors finally arrived having made quite good time after they'd called, and bringing with them a selection of footwear suitable for a holiday taking in Brittany, Paris and the Alps in rather unpredictable summer weather.

We were amazed at how bright eyed and bushy-tailed the chidren were after their long trip, arriving in a strange place with people they didn't remember, and they stayed that way throughout the weekend. Their parents bore up quite well too.

Below, Benjamin and Bruno, bears of great character (Bruno's the one with the black nose),

and Emily of the gorgeous smile (she can manage a baleful glare too when she has a mind, though it usually breaks up into the smile again before long...)

Benj's dad gave him a hand getting into his breakfast croissant,

and Poulain hot chocolate was a great success for relaxing people,

as was the blue ceiling. Emily said she'd like to have toenail varnish that colour.

Mol was popular too, and seemed to enjoy the influx of new pups in the house, though she wasn't too impressed with the other furry animals that came along,

but she did get represented in the pictorial record of the household we were given at the end.

All in all, lovely, appreciative, funny visitors who were a pleasure to have. As Benjamin said, hopefully they'll stay a bit longer next time.


Barrett Bonden said...

Dig the shoe rack. I've always wanted one but worried it might reflect on my repressed upbringing. Now I am released, you have given me carte blanche.

Isabelle said...


Don't fancy blue toenails, though. They might give the impression of having been stood on by a horse.

Rouchswalwe said...

I love that drawing of Molly!

marja-leena said...

Sounds like everyone, including Molly, had a great time, as I'm sure anyone would with your warm hospitality and lovely home! Great photos and drawing!

Plutarch said...

Est-ce-qu'on peut preciser qui sont les personages du dessin?

HLiza said...

Blue toenails are naughty yet fun to have! How they all seemed to enjoy your the smiles and the cute tiny canine. And what more can you say when guests give such innocent and creative appreciation picture?

Lucy said...

BB - guess where the shoe racks came from - Lidl! I rather liked the way the visitors' shoes were randomly scattered but all beautifully paired up...

Isabelle - I've fancied that blue for toenails for a while, but it's difficult to bet hold of, I currently have metallic purple.

R - yes, I think it's funny that it's quite rudimentary but the legs are all in perspective!

ML - they were very easy to entertain!

Plutarch - I've just enlarged it for a closer look, there are certain conventions to indicate which is who: I must be the left figure since I am smaller, and seem to be wearing a triangular garment recognisable as a skirt thereby designating me as female, though in fact I was never seen wearing one. Tom reckons he has a bigger more curved nose, which was a nod to realism. There was in fact another picture which showed Molly as much larger and in a position above us, which probably reflected a more accurate perception of the intrinsic state of things...

Hliza - we really did enjoy each other's company altogether, and the children were very good at amusing themselves really, though very happy to chat and fit in too. It was lovely!

Bee said...

I like the recurring reds in these photographs. The "pictorial record" has a Picasso-esque flair, I think.