Saturday, August 01, 2009

Blue Room latest.

You'll have to wait for butterflies, no one reads at the weekend anyway.

Here are the latest pictures of the Blue Ceilinged Room. It is currently serving as a dormitory for Emily and Benjamin, or it will be. I hope they like it. Trouble is, they are currently stuck on the road from Calais to here, in the worst weather we've had for a while, on the worst day of the year for travelling here, known as Black Saturday, as designated by the Crafty Bison.

People on the road are always a worry; we do appreciate them making the trip. The chicken in the oven will surely be melt-in-the-mouth tender when they arrive, though they'll probably be too bog-eyed with tiredness to eat it.

I saved a blue Muscadet bottle and put a blue hydrangea in it. Tom wrestled with a recalcitrant toilet cistern until he got a result.
Talking of birds and butterflies of passage, as I have been, Dick and his family came by the other day. We all had lunch at Rosie's, so a big thank you to her for hosting it, and it was a very varied mix of blogging and non-blogging folk. Trouble was, we were so busy getting acquainted and eating, that not only did I not take any pictures but indeed I completely forgot I had the camera with me! Which is a shame because his and Emma's three moppets are so Mabel-Lucy Attwellesque that they would surely have provided some nice ones. But since they had, they told me, many adventures in rockpools and were generally enjoying the coast over at Dinard, doubtless there'll be some fetching photos over at his place before long.


Zhoen said...

A lovely room.

HLiza said...

I would love to find this cozy room with blue 'sky' awaiting me after a long! And the simple effect like the blue flowers (I forgot the mentioned it in the post!)..wonderful, Lucy! I love it that there's no large beds too..I love mattresses without bedframes..

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh, a hydrangea! This together with the futon-like bed gives a Nipponese flair to the room. Then the wonderful shape of the light on the wall adds the perfect touch to bring out the bluesyness. I'd travel to lay my weary head in such a cozy room.

Dick said...

Hi Lucy. So good to meet you last week, albeit fleetingly. I wish there had been time for a proper chat, but with three hyper kids on the go and the constraints of a family holiday topping and tailing the visit it was not to be. Next time (and we loved St Enogard where we stayed so we'll be back) I'll slip over solo and trespass on your hospitality.

Photos of the Dinard rock pools upcoming as soon as I reinstall Office for Mac.

Rosie said...

thanks for the delicious dishes that you brought...the mobile fruit tart was a winner!

Sheila said...

Oh, Lucy, your photos are always wonderful! I just love coming here, even though I'm not around as often lately as usual. Lots of summer guests, though we didn't redo any rooms for them! Have been out of town this past week and hope to put up some photos from that. I had never heard of a linnet until this. Always learning something new from you, it seems!

Take good care!

The Crow said...

Once again, others have said what I want to, only better.

This room is so restful-looking and cozy. Just the ticket to calm frazzled road-weary feelings.


Lucy said...

Z - thank you. We are pleased wiht it, though there's work still to do...

Hliza - thanks you. The futon, the larger bed, does in fact have a low wooden base, but we had not time to put it together! The children didn't mind at all though.

R - funny, I never asscociated hydrangea with Japan. The shape the lights make on the walls were a complete surprise, and we liked them very much.

Dick - ditto, and don't worry, a bit, it was good to see you all. Come again as and when; glad to hear you liked the place so much.

Rosie - heheh, it wasn't so mobile when you were trying to chisel it out of the dish was it! Thanks again.

Sheila - good to see you, I liked your poem on non-blogging!

Crow - thank you. The room was a success, and everyone slept well!