Saturday, September 29, 2007

A walk on the Aber

From the house, we could look up river...

... or follow the edge of the peninsular towards the sea.

We chose the latter, past the boats and buoys,

the dilapidated sheds and the ramshackle, improvised, sea- and riverweed, driftwood and flotsam strewn river wall. ("Ugly." pronounced Tom.)

Up through the pinewoods.

Not that way,

but further on and bearing left, the path well cut and kept, past the cottages at the weir, where a phormium held its outlandish own in the verge, with un unseasonal campion enjoying its second, mistaken spring.

In the hedgebanks, puffballs played at pebbles,

and despite the falling, coloured leaves,

plenty of late butterflies sunned themselves.

Taking the path inland a little, toward the granite chapel, a stalky, earthen field retained a remnant of its crop of artichokes, raising dry and papery heads skywards, a mucus of cobwebs spun across their purple throats,

The other path that hugs the water, yields a granite sculpture.

We could have gone on, a long long way, out to the headland if we wanted, to the rocks and lighthouses, but chose instead to make our way back down, through the crackling chestnut woods, it was lunchtime after all (we'd caught the morning light while it was good), and holidays;

there really wasn't any hurry.


Anonymous said...

It's always interesting to see how a good picture comes out of ugliness... I also like the illusion of levitation in the snail-and-blade picture.

jzr said...

what a lovely walk, Lucy, and the idea of not being in hurry is something I strive for always!!

annie said...

Thank you so much for taking us with you! A lovely piece of rest.

meggie said...

Thank you for sharing your walk with us!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful Admiral butterfly you got there, wonderful pictures of a nice leisurely stroll.

Fire Bird said...

I love the ugly wall, and the steps. Why is it so red around them?

Lucy said...

Lovely to have you all along. I'm really quite proud of the snail, I have to say. The Red Admiral is very smart, isn't it, though the peacocks are more luxuriant.

The red round the steps was the pine needles. I think they really were quite red. When I pepped the picture up a bit (yes, I do do that, just a touch of Photoshop luminosity and contrast, that's all, no messing with the colour tones, it's not like cosmetic surgery or something...), they looked just too red, so I desaturated them quite a lot to what I thought looked more as I remembered.

julie said...

Such beautiful photos, Lucy! I may never travel to your part of the world, but thanks to these images I shall feel as though I have shared some part of it, nonetheless.

Lucas said...

These images are beautiful - such a deep late summer of trees and the butterfly and the sense of the estuary like being there.

Lucy said...

Thank you Julie, that's one of the beauties of blogging, isn't it?
Lucas, it's very good to see you here! Thank you.