Friday, September 28, 2007

Dives and Lazarus

One of those Dives and Lazarus moments.

Just heard that a dear friend who came to Tom's party, and was lovely, cheerful, caring, had had a piece of shocking, cruel, confusing news the night before. Loss compounded for someone who has had far too much of it in recent years.

Catching up with blogs, as well as all the joy and fun and brightness in them, I feel sometimes I am standing by, holidaying in too much unhappiness, I am worried and powerless and doubtful.

Dives is suffering a bit of indigestion.

I need to be working on the coming year's teaching anyway. Just pictures for a while, I think.


Jean said...

Oh, Lucy. Hugs. How hard it is to hold both happiness and sadness simultaneously and not let them cancel one another out. I think it's a very Western individualist thing not being able to do this - thinking which doesn't help a lot, except that it perhaps tells us there's another way. I read something recently about the Dalai Lama at a peace conference in Northern Ireland. He apparently sobbed on the shoulder of a aide throughout the personal testimonies, and a few minutes later shocked the assembled company by giggling and pulling the long white beards of two very sombre and respectable bishops. The story both warmed my heart and made me cringe...

Lucy said...

Bless you Jean, and especially mighty glad to hear from you.

jzr said...

Peace be with you.

Jan said...

Hello Lucy
Just read how busy you are....just when Ive tagged you on my blog!
Shall therefore forgive you if time is of the esscence.
Hope all is well, Lucy.

Anonymous said...

Ah, life is like that, full of both joys and sorrows! I've had some sad news too and find it does weigh one down. Take care of yourself, Lucy.

Lucy said...

Thanks people.
What the feeling amounts to is guilt at being happy, or perhaps at being complacent. The smarting rebuke that 'only stupid people are happy'. Pointless.
A long e-mail from the friend last night went some way to reassuring, at least that it was actually comforting at the time to have the distraction of being in a good busy atmosphere.
Jan, I'll do the meme, but not immediately.It's a nice one.

herhimnbryn said...

Take time for your self L. Take care.

Lucy said...

Thanks Hhb.