Monday, April 02, 2007

Pleased and proud.

I'm very pleased and proud that Joe lent me one of his poems to put some pictures with, and qarrtsiluni saw fit to publish it. Thanks both!


Anonymous said...

Yes, a great pairing!

Marly Youmans said...

Now that's interesting--the result looks like the same sort of thing that you've done with a number of famous poets, only you let the pictures generate the poem.

It would be nice to know where the pictures were taken, especially those last two.

Marly Youmans said...

Oh, I am a nut.

It is exactly the same. He did the poem, and you did the pictures.

What a noodle-head I am. So where were they taken?

Catalyst said...

Beautiful! Both poem and pix. As marja-leena said "a great pairing."

Avus said...

They go well together, L.

herhimnbryn said...

Great twosome.

Jan said...

I've just discovered your Blog through Marly's; I've enjoyed your pictures, Joe's poems.
Wondering where the pictures were taken?
I know France well, so particularly interested.

Lucy said...

Thank you!
Jan, welcome! and Marly, I love the word noodle-head! Indeed most of the q. poems & pics were people writing in response to the image, but neither Joe nor I could imagine doing that very happily; I asked him for the poem, which I'd already read, and sent him the photos for approval. The q. people were fine with that.
The pictures were not in fact taken in France at all, but in New Zealand, on the west coast of the north of the North Island, last year. The beaches on the east coast, though vast and empty, and facing the wider exspanse of open sea, always seemed to be sunny, smiling places, whereas this place seemed terribly desolate, haunted and dangerous somehow; Tom said it felt like the end of the earth. Joe said quite unprompted that he liked the fact they were from there, because of the theme which the 'Explorers' poems have of going to the ends of the earth, which was pleasing synchronicity.
I generally find pictures hang together better when taken at the same time and place.

Jan said...

The pictures were great, whether France OR NZ!
A hectic evening ahead for me, but will be back to read your blog when I can.
Just skimmed the latest posting re Malvern area... one of my favourite places...shall read again when I can enjoy it leisurely!