Sunday, April 22, 2007

leaves uncurled

This morning, the sycamore leaves were just opening, pale, miniature, translucent...

By this evening, they are ordinary green leaves.


Jan said...

So beautiful these, Lucy.
They were a treat.

annie said...

such similar sights
first and last symmetrical
your dawn is my eve

(still haiku sunday here)

Lucy said...

Thanks again, Jan,
Annie, you're spoiling me!
I recommend to anyone else to head over to Annie's (itesser ink updates) for haiku with links, and a lot of other very interesting, clever, tasty things. One to watch, I think.

Granny J said...

Very lovely pictures. Are there no pompoms? Our desert sycamores start the pompoms concurrently with the new leaves. When do yours come out?

Lucy said...

Hi GrannyJ
some mixup with sycamores; these are pseudoplatanus and don't have pompoms; what we call plane trees, not so many round here but some in towns, are starting to have pretty little pompoms. You say tomato...!