Tuesday, March 10, 2015

To do today

  • wash, dress
  • finish the blog spring clean
  • plant seeds, marigolds, nasturtiums (which, as capucines, sound so mauch nicer in French), sunflowers, the broad beans if the postie brings them
  • re-pot the jasmine and the tête-à-tête bulbs
  • e-mail a friend or two, leave a comment
  • turn that bargain cauliflower into soup
  • start listening to Kazuo Ishiguro's latest on the radio ("It's queer the way the world's forgetting people and things from only yesterday and the day before that...")
  • make or mend or read a thing or two, hear some music, take a photograph
  • the right thing, even perhaps a beautiful thing
Not necessarily in that order.

Build no monuments, but let the rose 
unfold each year on his behalf


The Crow said...

A very nice to-do list, Lucy; sage advice for how to plan a day.

Nimble said...

I like the visual update. Nasturtiums are wonderful (and edible!) by any name.

Dale said...


Ellena said...

Pasha was making cauliflower Pizza dough the other day. Yes, no flour. She says everybody liked it for the second time.

Stella said...

I am so impressed that you are planting seeds. The collage is, as always, beautiful and heartening. If I showed you a dozen pictures of my February landscape, they'd all be white. Weather is all. Picked up H is for Hawk on Sunday, it's next up!

Catalyst said...

That's a nice Rilke quote, especially as Spring is threatening to erupt.

Lucy said...

Thanks. It was actually a year since Joe died. I'm not sure how much one should really make of anniversaries, and as another friend has said, 'Joe's death was the least important thing about him, and the date even less important'.

Nevertheless, it was on my mind, and I wanted to make some mark here, but quietly and without being mawkish or inappropriate or attention-seeking or any of the things Joe wasn't, and I felt I needed to spend the day in a constructive way that honoured him. It worked fairly well, I accomplished quite a lot of things on the list and felt the better for it. The Rilke seemd to fit.

Cauliflower. I like it very much, though I find it can cause some internal discomfort, and have difficulty getting much of it into Tom. Funnily enough, after writing this post and while doing my blog spring clean, I was looking at a food blog which I deleted since it had been inactive for over a year, and found a recipe for roasted cauliflower soup, so I bookmarked and used that. It was good, roasting is a good way to prepare it.

Ellena said...

I am so glad that I came back to this post, Lucy.

You did such a beautiful thing with the help of Rilke.
I'm touching my forehead, not to say that I'm hitting it, for having missed that earlier.

Now I'm concerned about all the other nice things I maybe miss.

Ellena said...

Lucy-Dear, don't say anything.
I had not read your comment and see now, while verifying if my comment registered, that you are talking about Joe in your comment. Hm, I was so proud of having noticed it on my own and I still am.

Not only that, you also mention cauliflower. Your post is open as I am skyping with Pasha. I am reading and writing while Pasha is away looking after the dogs.
Pasha found her cauliflower Pizza dough when googling cauliflower rice.
Ohlala - 80!!

Lucy said...

Ellena - you are a dear. I greatly appreciate your observation, in both events, and wish you again the happiest of birthdays, at eighty years young. I was going to say about the cauliflower pizza dough, which sounds extraordinary. I knew about cauliflower impersonating carbohydrate as cauliflower rice, but the idea one could actually get it to impersonate bread dough is very weird indeed!