Monday, February 23, 2015

Knitwear, eyes and thumb-twiddling

Modelling some new knitwear - hope the destined recipient doesn't look at this before it gets there.

Me: Alas my love you did not marry a beauty.
Tom: Aw, you've got character.
Me: Like Peggy the boxer has character?
Tom (dreamily): I loved her!
Me: And she was told how pretty she was several times every day.

We both go into a reverie thinking about this.

And I finished a pullover, big and sloppy as usual, maybe one day I'll manage something that fits, but I've always liked big and sloppy anyway.


Now thumb-twiddling waiting to head of for Pontivy for the second of Tom's eye-gougings, administering the barrage of drops at five minute intervals. A month of worry about worsening discomfort around the first eye done, the surgeon having buggered off on holiday, was resolved on his return when he took one look at said puffy and inflamed organ and said, oh, yes, you're allergic to the anti-inflammatory drops, stop using them for the next one, they're not that important anyway. Not macular oedema then? I asked, and he gave me that a-little-learning-is-a-dangerous-thing look that doctors do and confirmed it was not.

I'm better equipped this time anyway, with two lots of knitting, the Kindle, a three day old copy of Ouest France, an apple and a packet of Nairns cheesy oatcakes (thanks G and A). Oh and a camera, by special request. Back anon.


The Crow said...

Best wishes for full and speedy recovery, Tom.

Lovely hat, even prettier model. How could you not see your loveliness?

Dale said...

What The Crow said, twice over!

Ellena said...

Yes, yes, yes, lovely Lucy.

YourFireAnt said...

Hope all goes well. I miss reading blogs and have begun to go back to my favorites, one by one. By the time you see this the surgery likely will be over (and all the cheesy Nairns gone; alas! we can no longer get them here. ), and you back home at your knittery.

I will send you a real letter soon (by e.mail, but REAL nonetheless).


YourFireAnt said...

p.s. What is the style of that lovely hat you are wearing at the top? I keep hoping to find one at craft fairs, but so far no luck.


Anonymous said...

Nairns cheesey oatcakes, sigh!

You beam beautifully.


Catalyst said...

SWMBO gets that same look from our doctor!

Catalyst said...

Oh, and by the way, I think you're a perfect model, quite cute, too. And I like the oversize sweaters best.

Zhoen said...

I think you are beautiful, and Tom has excellent taste. Bless his eyes.

Roderick Robinson said...

I had an oedema (saw it through the microscope Deutsch had linked to his mini-scanner). Can't remember if it was macular. It resulted in deteriorated vision which was disturbing. Drops cleared it up within 48 hours though I had to keep using them (4 times a day) for two months.

Hell, an up-to-date copy of Ouest France is hardly worth reading let alone an old one. The dullest newspaper I know, even duller than the Hereford Times. Best use: cleaning up escaped fluids. Verb. sap.

Women's beauty. We've been through all this several times before - you're no judge, inevitably biased. Slipping back through the decades to the time when young men raved about Brigitte Bardot, women were insisting on Valerie Hobson and you can see why (noble, aristocratically horse-faced, willowy, "intelligent", etc, etc; a woman who raised women's status).

Beauty is a holistic quality and the sum may transcend the immediate externals; two examples from yesteryear: Helena Kennedy, Glenys Kinnock. Men rarely apply beauty as a concept, it's too complex and sex-appeal doesn't necessarily predominate; women frequently put forward the woman they would like to be as an example.

However "a beauty" is subject to less rigorous definition - it could be a pretty face, a gamine (eg, the younger Shirley McLaine) or something overwhelming, a modern-day Queen Of The Night. The chances are Tom's judgment is more to be trusted than yours, whereas yours will be more reliable on a match-up between Jude Law and James Mason.

Sorry about all these ancient examples I keep on citing; perhaps they say more about me than the above argument.

In short: you may therefore be a beauty, you may be beautiful. Whichever, your view is worthless. I could say, but only in exchange for a 1500-word assessment of Second Hand, nearing completion. You will remember my saying I would miss Joe for selfish as well as more obvious reasons and here I am. And I know you don't do judgments.

I trust by now Tom is a celebrant in the Festival of Light.

Lucy said...

Thank you, not least for the compliments for which it inevitably seems I must have been fishing. The matter of personal attractiveness is of course I wide one, and I find I have rather a lot to qualify, maybe another time.

Tom's eye op went OK I think, he's a bit sore and tired still but the improvements, such as being able to pour a glass of wine without overshooting and pouring all over the table instead, are already kicking in.

Ouest-France - it's very dullness is its virtue, reading the Friday edition is an accomplishment I can easily achieve every week while a more interesting publication would waylay me too much. Plus it contains a number of puzzles Tom enjoys. Hwvr, while it's still good for lighting the fire, the paper used is now quite shiny, our Biritish friends tell us, and not very absorbant!

Theresa - the hat is a slouchy, I'll happily make you one, I'll e-mail!

Lyse said...

Lucy tu es rayonnante. Ton pull tu les aime comme ça, mais si tu veux je le porte, je le remplirais moi.

Bon rétablissement à Tom. et à toute à l'heure

Rouchswalwe said...

I've been thinking of dear Tom all week, pressing my thumbs (as Germans do) for luck.

Big 'n sloppy I like, too. My Water Rat is knitting a hat for me and I'm really looking forward to wearing it. I very much like your modelling pic! Happiness abounds!

Natalie d'Arbeloff said...

Lucy, your shining self shines through - verbally, visually, facially, photogenically, existentially and no doubt many other llys as well.

Bonne santé à Tom et belle vue!

the polish chick said...

what a beautiful smile! and face!
i also like the new(ish?) shorter haircut.
and whether or not you were fishing is irrelevant - the sentiments expressed by your audience are heartfelt and honest.

all the best to tom!

zephyr said...

Very glad to learn it went well!
And your visage with the lovely hat is very charming--dare i say cute!!

Marly Youmans said...

I look at your face and see one I like but also much beauty coiled and knitted behind that face.

Glad Tom is better now.