Thursday, January 08, 2015

Observing silence for free speech

Lamballe, 8/1/2014.

Tom's hands, placing those quintessentially French items, mustard glasses, with candles in, at Lamballe's beautiful bronze horse fountain at tonight's vigil.

There are more photos, just seven, and not great quality, but I love them for the atmosphere and feelings and expression, the variety of human life (there were some dogs too but I failed to capture any of them), that they contain. I decided against posting them here as they are of people, and it seems a bit intrusive perhaps, though they mostly aren't recognisable and the only one who clearly is I asked her permission, and there were plenty of of press and other photographers, but still. However they can be seen on the web album here.


Lucas said...

Great Album. The expression of silence for free speech is well caught in these images. The Trafalgar Square vigil was also very moving.

Zhoen said...,37715/


The Crow said...

Wonderful expression of shared grief and solidarity against tyranny.

Avus said...

What is there to add, Lucy?

The western world is devastated

HKatz said...

Elsa Wolinski talks about her father in The Guardian - and the one photo of her dad's empty desk speaks volumes, in silence. Also, her caption for it: "Papa est parti pas Wolinski"

Rouchswalwe said...

Yes, a moving tribute to a band of brave souls. Have you seen Uderzo's eloquent work: