Monday, June 09, 2014

Collage for May

A bit late again with this, never mind. Things from May, left to right, top to bottom.

  • Chive flowers and fennel, we ate a few with salad but mostly the chive flowers were just lovely and very long lasting as cut flowers on the window sill.
  • Jantien and her sculptures.
  • Hawthorn, or may blossom, of course.
  • Philadephus, form Marcel's hedge. Ours, which is Belle Étoile variety with a moody mauve centre to the flowers, isn't out until June. When Marcel's first comes out if I'm passing I nip a sprig and carry it with me to sniff at; the perfume is overwhelmingly redolent, and has been a joy and a comfort to me most of the years of my life.
  • The Troglogîtes. This is with mega-zoom on the camera as I was coming down from Menez Mickael, having just called Tom on the mobile and asked if he could see me on the track, so he's probably fiddling with his mobile in the doorway.
  • Fern fronds forming fiddleheads.
  • The holly bears a blossom. It really does, I've never quite noticed it like this before.
  • Swallow.  They were late back, the forerunners a good month before the residents. Ours made straight for the garage, where they've built an extension to an old nest, and are in and out very brazenly. We don't disturb them too much; Tom has covered up what he can underneath, and I go in and out, braving the point of a wing tip swiped across my face as we cross in the doorway. I was never more pleased to see them.
  • Sorrel in flower, the soft red haze in fields and verges, mown by tractors by early June.
  • Broom, planta genesta.
  • Oaks in leaf in the landscape, green green green.
  • The first Plougastel strawberries from the market.
I've done a bit of knitting of course, but it's either unfinished or for presents not yet delivered, so needs to be kept under wraps, and we've eaten asparagus, always the green, I don't care much for the purply-white.


Catalyst said...

You are so fortunate to live in such a lovely place.

Anne said...

Lovely collage. And I don't know why people like that sickly white asparagus.

Rouchswalwe said...

Oh wonderful! Love those swallows!

Ellena said...

So much beauty to welcome in May.

Roderick Robinson said...

Yesterday, here at Autignac, the temperature was 37.5 deg C. We swam in the dark, post-supper, post-booze, just to get cool. More important, just over a week ago in Hereford VR found herself donning her much beloved assymetrical shawl one evening to stay warm.

Swallows late; with us it was the house martins. A seasonal glitch we both find hard to bear - the sky literally empty, the sonnet I wrote three years ago on the same subject even more meaningless.

Lucas said...

a wonderful set of images, Lucy. I am interested in what you have shown and said about Philadelphus. I recognise that you do not say what it is redolent of. I think it is the scent and the flowers that remind of something we once knew or perhaps still know, yet is elusive. Trees, flowers and plants have each got some thing to tell.

the polish chick said...

beautiful. we have finally entered the green time, too. about a month later than usual, and usual is already late enough. it's amazing what all that green does for the soul, doesn't it?

Francesca said...

I love the swallow. They are such robust birds aren't they.