Friday, January 31, 2014

Collage for January

As part of the new-found joy in photography and hence in blogging, an idea* : a collage of photos at the end of every month, not necessarily the very best ones taken, but illustrating the month in question for me. I've settled on a square format of twelve standard A4 images. 

So, January, not necessarily in order: marigolds still in flower, and gorse; new shoots and dead snails at the base of the sedums; mummified seed heads of Japanese anemone and poppy; plenty of parsley, leaf and Hamburg, scarole and leeks in the veg garden;  poinsettia in the house; socks, scarves and jump leads; eucalyptus logs and evening fires; a winter sunset but walking again at six in the evening.


*taken from another blog I've been mooching about on, the most celebrated and successful crochet blog ever, for which I have the highest admiration, though I am unlikely ever to be getting up at six to bake bread for my family or decking my home with crochet bunting.


Fire Bird said...

a feast for my eyes

marja-leena said...

Colour-full January!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful photographs!

the polish chick said...

ours is just white. i think, though i love winter, i like yours better.

Unknown said...

Some January. All those lovely images. A way of conquering the remorseless rain.

Catalyst said...

A good collage.

Rouchswalwe said...

Superb idea! And much-needed colour in this grey icy world we are in at the moment over here.

Lucy said...

Thanks all.

FB - good to see you out and about.

ML - January often seems the most colourless and dreary month, but there's always something.
Chloë - thank you, nice to see you!

PC - sometimes it's white here too, which can be pretty, but I can't say I'm missing snow too much. We seem to have had a lot of wet but not much proper winter.

Joe - it's been hard-going the rain, it's true. I think now we're getting let off a bit lighter here than you are there.

Bruce - thank you!

R - I think of you, that level of cold must be exhausting. We don't have a bad climate here really, I suppose, just a damp one. Temperate maritime could be worse though!

Francesca said...

I love the sedum and the snail. I hope it didn't devour any of the delicate new leaves!