Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Three October haiku

Clouded yellow, down
and out in the marigolds
white with exhaustion.


Morning's minion treads
the blue afternoon, enhanced,
grainy and owlish.


Works in progress
making mountains out of molehills.
Hugo's on his hols.


(Trying out Blogger's new post editor, in the run-up to Nablopomo.  Don't know if I like it yet, though it does give you an extra-large option on pictures, and a jump break...  Anyone else using it?)

(Post-post edit, extra large just chops the end off the photo in this layout.  Large does too.  Great.)


annie said...

trees with sun-burnt leaves
cling to verdant summer days
and winds reminisce

(oy, i'm out of practice! but finding my first ever real autumn inspiring. Extra love for that first photo!)

Crafty Green Poet said...

the first photo is so beautiful, the colours are so rich...

Blogger's new post editor? I've not even heard of it!

Lucy said...

Lovely to see you Annie, your haiku is a beauty.

I pursue clouded yellows all summer without success, they are the most restless and elusive of all, never settling let alone opening their wings for a moment. I've only ever seen one close up at this time of year when they are nearly spent, and faded almost beyond recognition. This one too settled in a patch of sharp light which made it very over-exposed. You'll have to take it from me it was a clouded yellow!

The new post editor I stumbled on by accident going through settings looking for soething else. It's kind of weird. Might be better when you get used to it...

Zhoen said...

Haiku to see you.

Meggie said...

Love your Haiku poetry.
Annie's is very nice too.

Barrett Bonden said...

I am not intellectually equipped to judge haikus but I can profit from them. I realised I had never sought the definition of minion and did so; I was thankful to find out that the dictionary agreed with me. What's terrible is having carried an incorrect meaning in one's noggin for, say, fifty years and then finally verifying the word. Fifty years of private embarrasssment.

A good title for the third pic/verse combination (do haikus have titles?) would be "And the bank withdrew its credit facility." A story of our times.

Rouchswalwe said...

Ooh, an Owl! Lucy, these 3 are just what I needed this morning ... from thought-provoking to light-hearted. Perfect!

Plutarch said...

The fire in the leaves
Spells Autumn, dots its "i"s,
Crosses its "t"s

christopher said...

Lucky shot comes from
patience, sensitivity,
and from nature's yes.

Isabelle said...

I love "Hugo's on his hols"! Beautifully alliterative.

Lucy said...

I'm getting some wonderful haiku back, thanks, Joe and Christopher.

RW - Not an owl, but a kestrel, looking owlish, perhaps the angle of the photo, or the wind blowing its neck feathers up... a windhover.

So, BB - Why did GMH call it 'morning's minion'? I too checked the meaning, and the primary one is the usual, a 'favourite or dependent', an attendant, which always worked for me in the poem, but the rarer sense is from 'mignon', dainty, pretty, which is maybe even better. We went to a theme park here once where a whole troupe of them were flown in a falconry display, to the accompaniment of the'Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy', sounds twee but it was utterly delightful. I may have to write further about kestrels...

Isabelle - yes, I changed that... though in fact as Hugo is French the 'H' is not aspirated... 'Hugo est en vacances' is one too many syllables, and anyway I try to avoid smatterings of French as they can be a bit pretentious! In fact the work has been suspended for some time now, but the family appear to be away for half-term and the construction plant is idle. Hugo has two sisters, no brothers, but they are quite tomboyish so probably pitch in on site too.

Dick said...

Delightful, Lucy, pics and words.

Sheila said...

Oh, I love your morning's minion! Do you mind if I make this my "wallpaper"? How lovely. Where were you?