Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve meli-melo

The blue tits, and others, wait for Christmas dinner. I put out sunflower seeds and millet, and some overcooked, soaked cantucci biscuits, but the latter provoke little interest, except from Molly, who spends much of her time today sneakily trying to find a way to steal them.
Flapjacks, ginger in syrup, bramble jelly. The crystallised ginger in the flapjacks was an inspirational thought, a couple of euros bought enough to boil some in syrup to put in jars also.
Sisal tree fairy, some years old now, the right size for the small artificial tree.
Physalis and lychees.
The windowsill geranium, stringy, pale and weak, turns yearningly to look out of the window, puts out a hopeful, light red flower.
Figs in red tissue, which made them irresistible. I imagine I'll bake them in Muscat filled with almond paste, but the surfeit of sweet and spice at this time may mean I don't, and we'll eat them as they are.
E's gate, with mistletoe. 'I take it from the chateau gardens,' she confessed with glee 'they have so much! I just throw Moos's lead up over the branch and pull it down.' We take flapjacks and banana, date and walnut cake, but she's not there, neither is Moos. We become the antithesis of burglars, gaining covert entry to her house to leave things there.
Molecular structures of rosehips.
A white rose, Winchester Cathedral, with just the smallest, anomalous flush of pink, blooms in spite of the frost. It often does at Christmas. 'There is no rose of swych vertu...'
The elderberries never ripened, but hang on the tree still, where no leaves do. In the evanescent morning mist, they trap the droplets.
The fog turned glitteringly to mist, then softened sunlight, but returned again to plunge us into cold greyness. Somewhere just beyond it, we knew, was a bright sunny day, its blue and gold suffused the atmosphere and yet eluded us. We found it later, as we drove beyond the watershed ridge, where everything was bathed in the day's last liquid copper sunlight.
The last obligation of visiting and exchanging has just been pleasantly discharged - except for the drive home in the once more dense fog, on roads we didn't know well, and even the ones we did know seemed unfamiliar and uncertain. We're just ourselves tomorrow, which will be just fine.
Happy Christmas, one and all.


andy said...

Happy Christmas, Lucy. Something about the season persuades me that now is a good time to drop by and say hello to old friends :-)

Catalyst said...

A happy holiday to you, Lucy.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the lovely collection of beautiful Christmasy things, like precious gifts! Happy Christmas to you and Tom!

green ink said...

Merry Christmas Lucy! Enjoy your figs, roses and ginger flapjack (the latter of which sounds divine). Hope 2009 is all you wish for, and filled with just as divine sounding things. xx Philippa

robinstarfish said...

Wonderful walk through the 12 stations. Merry Christmas Lucy!

Zhoen said...

Good Yule, dear friend.

tristan said...

hurrah !

julie said...

Merry Christmas, Lucy!

Crafty Green Poet said...

Happy Christmas

Anil P said...

Happy Christmas, Lucy.

Lady Prism said...

Beautiful..beautiful words!

A merry happy Christmas to you and your family, Lucy. And a blessed New Year too! Thank you for being part of my blog life. Reading you is a blessing for me.

Much love..

Unknown said...

A merry Christmas to you both!

Roderick Robinson said...

Definitely life on a higher plane. Figs baked in Muscat with almond paste. Cystallised ginger in the flapjacks. Physalls (?) and lychees. Even the birds get santucci biscuits soaked in... what? Probably Hine XO.

Allow me to take your confession that you once secretly stole home with a Tesco frozen cottage pie wrapped in a copy of National Partisan Review. ("Forgive me father. I was younger then, a mere student, busy nourishing my mind rather than my body. Since then, I promise you, the kitchen has been a gradus ad Parnassum, a higher calling, a search for perfection.") Go on, confess. Another Conan moment.

Meanwhile, thanks for the fun.

HLiza said...

Merry Christmas..hope you heart will be filled with happiness always..

Pam said...

Lovely twelve photos and descriptions. Sounds perfect. Hope it was.

vicki johnson said...

i know i'm a bit late...but it's only Boxing Day, here at least it still is. This is a marvelous seems like it was a marvelous day for you and yours...i hope so!

Sheila said...

Happy merry Christmas!

I love the white rose and the mist...

Dave King said...

Superb. Obviously, I could write more, but how can you beat superb?

Lucas said...

Thank you for this post which is a walk through a landscape of wonderful things, poetry and good will.
Happy Christmas Season, Lucy.

Anonymous said...


Looking forward to your return.

Pamela Terry and Edward said...

I loved your descriptions of Christmas. All the best wishes for a wonderful holiday week.

Rouchswalwe said...

Many hearty thanks for 2008 ... and a good "Rutsch" into 2009 I am wishing to you and Tom!