Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Questions meme

Just picked up a list of questions over at Lee's , who has nothing worse to fear than folk dancing, which in my current creatively challenged state I'm inclined to answer.

Mobile phone? Breizh Mobile, in my bag in its special wee pocket.
Relationship? Married. Very.
Your hair? Greying and obstinate.
Work? Paid - English teaching. In general, what I'm always supposed to be doing when I'm in fact doing what I like.
Your sister? Coming to stay tomorrow, hooray!
Your favourite thing? Peace of mind.
Your dream last night? Can't remember, last one I do was the night before. The people in the giant modern faceless office building where I often find myself had taken Tom and Molly away with a lot of others to put them in the gladiatorial arena, for which, they told me, the modern world had an insatiable appetite. I would never see them again, and further, they had taken every shred of my own identity too.
Favourite drink? Tea in the morning, red wine in the evening.
Dream car? One that works.
Room you're in? Kitchen/dining room, by the window.
Shoes? Manky old corksoled sandal things I wear instead of slippers because they've a shaped footbed. (Flat feet).
Fears? Loss.
What do you want to be in 1o years? Alive, emotionally and physically intact.
Who did you hang out with this weekend? Tom and Mol
What are you not good at? Too many things to go into. Coping with people being pissed off with me.
Muffin? English wholewheat with a poached egg on top. Or a crumpet.
Wish list item? Time, more of it.
Where you grew up? Berkhamsted, Herts, England.
Last thing you did? Put the kettle on.
Wearing? Old red pyjamas, red fleecy top.
Not wearing? False teeth. That's to say, I don't wear them, present simple not continuous.
Your pet? Black cocker spaniel, 7 years old, often infuriating but much, too much, loved.
Computer? Dell laptop, liked more than I ever imagined it could be.
You life? Ongoing
Your mood? Hopeful.
Missing? Not much, a bit more sun wouldn't go amiss.
What are you thinking about? Boiled egg and bread and butter.
Car? Beaten up red Citroen BX, still going.
Your kitchen? Blue-grey, gold and cream, sunny, bit cluttered. One of my favourite places.
Your summer? Hasn't really shown yet.
Favourite colour? Depends on the shade, most colours if that's right. Least fond of pink, perhaps. There are colours I like to see but wouldn't wear, colours I'd wear I wouldn't want on walls... These days I prefer sludgy, deepened or darkened versions of colours to brights or pastels.
Last time you laughed? Don't really notice, perhaps this morning at Molly.
Last time you cried? Don't recall. Probably the last time Tom did, he sets me off sympathetically.
School? Of life.
Love? The price we pay for love. ( Salley Vickers originally, but ain't it the truth?)


meggie said...

Nice answers.

Fire Bird said...


Unknown said...

It's a long time since I heard the word manky which you use to describe your cork-soled sandal. It brings back for some reason my National Service days, in the fifties when most things were manky. Questions I wouldn't have dared to ask, but informative answers.

Lucy said...

Thank you dears.
Plutarch - the handed-round format of the questions seems less direct, so that although their content is sometimes quite personal , you can answer them as you wish and no one is taking liberties! I picked them up voluntarily and anyone else can do the same. I'd seen them doing the rounds before, though rather like Chinese whispers, they had changed somewhat, but hadn't felt like picking them up.
I just checked with Tom who can recall 'manky' being very popular when he was in the services at a similar time as you. I didn't come across it until my teen years, when it was suddenly very current. My mother said she rememberes it from her youth, and conjectured that perhaps it was WW1 soldiers' French-based slang (like toot-sweet), originating from 'manquee'. I'll go and look it up!

Anonymous said...

Lucy, this brought a much needed smile to this old face today...i think this is one of the best one of these i've read so far...along with Suse's of Pea Soup.

Lee said...

Nice answers, Lucy.

Granny J said...

I think it must be the silly season or some such. I was victimized by a short, 3-Q meme, just as I was responding to another tagging incident. Be that as it may, I am passing along the infection to you, Miss Lucy of the excellent answers. check it out here.

leslee said...